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Mark Smith - Creative Director



Mark Smith is the founder of Safesound Production and also Kidsounds. He has worked in the Music industry as a producer, composer, arranger, pianist and also a vocalist for over 20 years.

Performance Work 

Mark has worked in many bands as a lead vocalist and also a pianist. In the early days he toured the UK with ╩╗Live and Kicking╩╝ a nine piece soul band covering all the great northern soul classics. Following this he sang
with various groups and also travelled the world as a piano vocalist.

Production and Compositional work

Mark has worked as a composer and producer for artists, bands and companies over the past 20 years. Safesound Productions was founded in 2003 and Marks work has been featured on BBC2 Snooker Prime time, 
Channel 4, More 4, and also with the games giant P2 Games. He also works as a writer and producer for
Kidsounds, a music production section of Safesound Productions that specializes in educational and fun music and songs for Children.