Tel :  0121 531 0184 or 07896 199 927

Working hard on some new epic film trailer music !! great fun start to the year !!
The Giggle Gang CD's are on there way and will be released through Look out for the Monkey Movers and Giggle and Wiggle CD's on sale this Summer !!
Get ready for our new production 'The Giggle Gang' in association with Caprio Music. Great songs for Kids 2-4 yrs old coming soon !! 
Email a simple recording of your song ie on your phone, and we will produce it fully for a more professional sound, or you can send in pre-recorded vocals and we can build the music around your vocals and create a great master quality track, then email it right back ! prices only between £50 - £80 per song !
Singing lessons available from the home studio - £20 per hour, first lesson £10 for half an hour !!
Busy working on some great new ringtones for Voice Express Ltd !!
Working on some great new CD's for Children from 4 - 6 promoting health and fitness in a package of great original pop songs for kids. Get ready for ... The Giggles !!